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Discovering and analyzing the world's amazing places and spaces...

Greetings! This website is devoted to my career and academic pursuits, as well as my personal passions, including travel and native habitat restoration.

I am a geographic information systems (GIS) analyst, focused on spatial analysis for environmental protection, natural and historic land preservation, land cover/land use change, and urban and regional planning.

I have been involved with  private and government GIS work, as well as a non-profit land conservancy, a historical museum, and a public-policy firm. My work runs the gamut from spatial data creation and analysis, to  GIS applications development. Please go to my C.V. page for more detailed information.

In addition to my work in spatial analysis and planning, I am also passionate about history, travel, natural sciences (including amateur astronomy), reading, classical music, and those of the canine persuasion.


I live at the base of central New Jersey’s Sourland Mountain, at fair Burkonosi Manor and Gardens, with my wife Margaret, and our dog Morgan.

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