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Sourland Conservancy

GIS Analyst

Hopewell, NJ

January 2013 to Present

My work at the Conservancy promotes the protection and promotion of the ecologically important Sourland Mountain region, located in central New Jersey.


Some of my major projects for the organization include a region-wide land preservation analysis, hiking atlas, gas-pipeline analysis, and road tour maps.

For more information about the Sourland Conservancy, click here.

Sourland Conservancy Geophysical Map

Sourland Mountain

Geophysical/Land Cover Map

Created in 2018, this large scale physical map (40"x40") utilizes various cartographic tools, including shaded relief, contour lines, hydrology and land cover, to represent this first ever interpretation of the Sourland Mountain region.

Online Atlas Application

The Comservancy's Online Atlas Application is my largest and most complex online production to date. Created in 2018 in ESRI's Story Map web app builder platform, it serves as a compendious for much of the GIS work I have done for the organization, and includes interactive web pages devoted to the Sourland Mountain region's natural resources, history, and recreation.


To access the Online Atlas Application, click here.


Sourland Region

Open Space Analysis

My first map production for the Conservancy in 2013, was the Sourland Region Open Space Analysis. A tool to assist stakeholders and decisions makers in the region, the map analyzes and defines land parcel that are preserved as open space, developed, or not developed.

Sourland Region Hiking Atlas

The Sourland region offers a variety of hiking opportunities in parks and preserves, for people of all ages and abilities, through meadows or woods of less than a mile, or miles of hiking through rugged diabase boulder fields, vernal pools, and mature deciduous forests. The maps in this atlas, which was produced in 2018, were derived from my previous Sourland Region Trail Maps Series, and included detailed information about each hike site.

To obtain a copy of the atlas, please contact the Conservancy.


Sourland Region

Trail Maps

This series of maps was produced in 2015, and was a follow-up to the open space analysis map project. There are 20+ parks and preserves in the Sourland region which have hiking trails; I represented each with a map that includes  shade relief/contour lines and land cover as a base layer, with trails/junctions/mileage, parking, and directions to each site.

The maps can be accessed for downloading at the Sourland Conservancy website.

Sourland Bus Tours & Sites

These maps display dozens of sites in the Sourland region that have historical and cultural importance, and were created for the Conservancy's annual bus tours. The tours are led by long time adovocate of the Sourland region Andrea Bonette, who also curated the sites.


PennEast Pipeline Analysis

Created in 2014, this map represents the section of the Sourland region that will be impacted by the proposed construction of the PennEast Pipeline.

Save the Amwell Valley/

Proposed Tennis Facility

Produced in 2020 this map was produced for "Save the Amwell Valley Group", and represents the area around a proposed tennis facility in the Amwell Valley region of central New Jersey. The map demonstrates the compatibility of the proposed facility, with nearby agricultural and rural land uses.

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